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Life Changes Our Plans

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Have you ever noticed, how when you think you know how your life is going, something will inevitably happen to force you to change course? Sometimes it is minor, you have a flat tire, so you don't make it to that party you planned to go to. Sometimes it is major and every aspect of your life changes irrevocably.

That was me. I thought things were finally going good, going as planned. I thought I knew where I would be a year from now, five years from now. Everything looked promising. Then in an instant, everything changed. My life as I knew it was ripped out from underneath me. All that was left were fragments and sharp shards.

Oh, there is still beauty in some of those fragments. There is still love, hope, and even joy. But the reality is that the fragments will never fit back together as they once were...Nor should they. I am different now, and that is ok.

I am slowly making a mosaic out of the beautiful shards left behind. I am gently figuring out a way to place what was shattered back together to make something new and beautiful. Will this be an easy process? No. Will this be a painless process? No. However, it is a necessary process.

I am just beginning my journey down this new road. I may never reach its end. I may come to a fork in the road where I am forced to choose a path. Or, life may step in once again, and make that choice for me. I don't know what lies ahead, but I know I won't stop. I am so very glad to have you join me on this journey, for however long you wish to walk with me.

Much love and luck to you all.

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