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March 27, 2021

The first in the trilogy. Coming soon: In Sickness and Health and Till Death Do Us Part

When billionaire Damien Alexander walked into Katie's studio and offered her a way to escape her father's evil business partner, it turned her world upside down. Katie never thought that she would ever agree to an arraigned marriage. Much less one to the most eligible and sought after bachelor in the entire city. Damien could protect not only her, but her family. All she had to do was produce him an hair and be his wife "in every sense of the word."Little did she know that the family she was marrying into was far more dangerous than the one she was escaping. Before long she would discover that money is the root of evil, and people will go to very dark places to attain the power it brings. Everyone has secrets, including her beloved Grandmother.Was Damien her savior, or would he be her destruction?



November  7, 2021

A sequel to "For Better or Worse".


                To say that Katie and Damien started their lives together in an unconventional way is an understatement. While Damien had secretly loved Katie for a year before he walked into her studio with the proposition of marriage, Katie had only known him by name. Then only because of who he and his family were. Even so, she had agreed to marry him. One week later, she became his wife.  

                Despite the beginning of their marriage being consumed with storms, trials, and tragedies, as the waves settled, their bond grew stronger. Each determined to make their marriage work. As agreed upon from the beginning, they began to grow their family almost immediately. Katie would soon learn to trust no one, except Damien. He had vowed to protect her, to love her, and had promised to never let her go.

                But would secrets from the past be too much to overcome? Would fate step in and take it all away before they ever had a chance for it to begin? Or would Katie finally get her happily ever after?

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