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This is something that I wrote years ago. After reading it again tonight, I decided to share it with you.

Some might say our lives are predestined, while others believe they are what we make them. Some people follow the cycle set before them, yet others break free and soar above their past. For some, the burden of life is more than they can carry. This doesn't make them weak, or any less valuable, merely defeated; and sometimes, fate steps in and takes someone away too soon, and we are only left to wonder which path they might have taken.

We cannot help where we are born or to whom. We do not get the chance to say I wish to be born to this family or to that. We do not have a choice in every event that occurs in our lives. We Cannot control the actions of others, only our own. There will always be moments where everything is out of our hands. We gain control of our lives when we see this fact, accept it, and choose to face the obstacles life throws in our path.

True acceptance comes only when we see things as they truly are and not as we would like for them to be to suit our own purpose at the moment. However, it is not the events in our lives or the people in them that matter most. It is ourselves. We must be willing to see ourselves, as we truly are, both good and bad. It is only after we look into our own souls with honest eyes that we are able to rise above the pain that confines us and take the place in this world that we choose as our own.

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